It takes about 2 minutes to get up and running with Noteworthy. Out of the box, you get a federation capable Matrix home server and a suite of privacy focused self-hosted applications.

Noteworthy is a collection of meta-protocols, reference implementations and existing free software solutions that enable collaborative personal overlay networks built atop the decentralized Matrix messaging protocol. Here's a good overview of Matrix if you're not familiar. Over time, Noteworthy hopes to evolve into a viable free alternative to traditional cloud-based online services.

By default, when installing Noteworthy, your deployment will expose a federation enabled Matrix home server at via a WireGuard link between your host and the development/testing Decentralabs Hub. Reach out to us via our Matrix channel or via email to request an invite.

or Run your own Hub

You can setup your own Hub with a single invocation of the notectl command-line utility. All you need is a publicly accessible host such as a DigitalOcean Droplet or an EC2 instance, with Docker installed. You can also run your Hub at home on any Windows, macOS or Linux machine. Check out the instructions for deploying your own Noteworthy hub here.

The command-line interface

Noteworthy's primary user interface is a command-line utility. We've spent a considerable amount of time making sure it is well documented.

Here's the output of: notectl --help.

Noteworthy is plugin powered and has a ton of neat stuff just below the surface.

Install Noteworthy

First, make sure Docker is installed.

Copy and paste the Bash command below to install the notectl command-line utility.

bash <(curl -s
This command creates a bash alias notectl that wraps invocations of the command-line utility via the decentralabs/noteworthy:taproot-beta docker container.

You'll be prompted to enter an invite code and a domain name. You can claim a free subdomain by typing (where mycoolsubdomain is something that hasn't already been claimed) OR you can point and as CNAMEs to if you'd like to bring your own domain.

Thats it! It's that easy to get started with Noteworthy.

After completing the installation process navigate to:
to login to Element with the username and password you created during the installation process.

Check out the Matrix FAQ

And please join us in so we can keep you up to date on the projects recent developments.