Beta Software

Noteworthy is beta software.

Push button private messaging server

It takes about 2 minutes to get up and running with Noteworthy. Out of the box, you get a self-hosted, federation ready Matrix home server. Here's a good overview of Matrix if you're not familiar. A good way to think of it is as a decentralized email address for real-time messaging, voice and video calls.

By default, when installing Noteworthy, your home server will get a public ip address via the Decentralabs Gateway, so, for now, you'll need to reach out to us via our Matrix channel or via email to request an invite code.

If you don't like the idea of using our free Hub, you can setup your own in about 2 minutes with the notectl command-line utility. All you need to run your own Hub is a publicly accessible host such as a DigitalOcean droplet or EC2 instance with Docker installed. If you're savvy enough to expose ports on home internet's router, you can run your hub at home. Head over to the Noteworthy Github repository for more information on how to setup your own Gateways/Hubs.

The command-line interface

Noteworthy's primary user interface is a command-line utility. Don't worry though, notectl is easy to use and we've spent a considerable amount of effort in making sure it is well documented.

Here's the output of: notectl --help.

Noteworthy is plugin powered and has a ton of neat stuff just below the surface.

Install Noteworthy

Before starting make sure Docker is installed.

Copy and paste the shell command below to install the notectl command-line utility.

$ bash <(curl -s
This command creates a bash alias notectl that wraps invocations of the command-line utility via the decentralabs/noteworthy:taproot-beta docker container.

Then, run the following command to kickstart the installation process:

$ notectl install 

You'll be prompted to enter an invite code ( notectl reservation invite deviceName  to generate an invite if you're running your own Hub) and a domain name. You can claim a free subdomain by typing (where mycoolsubdomain is something that hasn't already been claimed) OR you can point and as CNAMEs to if you want to use a domain you already own.

Thats it! It's that easy to get started with Noteworthy.

After completing the installation process navigate to:


and login to Riot with the username and password you created during the installation process.

Now check out the Matrix FAQ and be sure to drop by to say hi to the Noteworthy community.

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