An Overlay Meta-Protocol

Noteworthy is free software that enables ownership, privacy and control over your online services. A hierarchical hub and spoke topology enables users to easily develop and deploy collaboratively-hosted online services across a distributed mesh of trusted peers.

Noteworthy is comprised of a collection of independent network and service enablement modules which can be composed to provide varying end-user functionality.

Personal Overlay Networks

Noteworthy enables distributed personal overlay networks with this architecture. Personal overlay networks are private, invite-only secure tunnels between you and other people you trust in the real world.

The Noteworthy meta-protocols aim to bootstrap an ecosystem of private-by-default, collaboratively hosted online services, where the end-user experience is as straightforward as installing an app on your phone. Noteworthy's architecture takes care of all the complicated distributed system challenges like reliable data storage and making sure your services are secure and reliable.

Matrix: A Decentralized Message Bus

Noteworthy builds atop the Matrix decentralized messaging protocol. If that doesn't mean anything to you then suffice it to say that when you install Noteworthy you get a local voice and messaging system. You can think of it is as a self-hosted alternative to Slack, where you will be able to communicate end-to-end-encrypted with other Noteworthy users and the broader Matrix ecosystem. Noteworthy makes it easy to create a Matrix ID, which is like a decentralized telephone number.

Anyone who knows your Matrix ID can contact you via end-to-end-encrypted chat or WebRTC voice and video calls. There is even support for Zoom style conference calling thanks to Jitsi.

Ready to try Noteworthy? Head over to the installation instructions.